Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Shields' Greenhouses at Spraggs, PA, features a hidden menagerie of exotic fowl.  With the owner's permission, I went up to his barn to check out the emus and peafowl.  Perhaps I'll come up with a decent shot of one of those, but for now let me introduce you to one of the roosters.

I believe it's a Plymouth Rock (a.k.a., a Barred Rock) rooster.  I've been told that this is actually a Dominique rooster.  The difference is in the comb:  A Dominique has a "rose" comb, while a Plymouth has a "single" comb. 

These shots were post-processed as impasto landscape/small brush paintings via Alien Skin's SnapArt filters.

You need to click on and expand these images in order to view them properly.

Chanticleer is not a particularly appropriate name for an American Plymouth Rock rooster.  I'm invoking poetic license.

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