Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Left Behind -- and loving it

A fool and their $40 are soon parted -- the $40 will get left behind.
You've got to love this concept: a web site,, has been established for the purpose of getting one last message to the lost (at a time when they might just be willing to hear it for the first and last time).
Programmed and run by Christians, for Christians, this site will store your message to the unsaved and automatically release it to them six days after the rapture. The rapture will have officially occurred when three of the web site's five-member team fails to log in over a three-day period. A "deadman's switch," if you will. Another three days are given to failsafe any false triggering of the system.
For a modest $40 per year fee, God-fearing Christians can store up to 250 MB of documents and have a message sent to up to 62 individual email addresses.
The "Why" is simple. After the rapture, the Christians who have left the rest of us behind will have one last chance to bring us to Christ and snatch us from the flames.