Friday, March 29, 2013

These aren't the 'roids I was hoping for

The Polaroid film that I had ordered, Impossible PRD2442 PX 70 Color Protection Film for SX-70 Cameras, came yesterday.  I hope I'm doing something wrong, because the results are pretty lack-luster.  Witness this Cooter 'roid(TM) taken in natural light:

Yes, I obviously had to scan it.  Before I waste any more film, I'd better see if I'm doing everything right.  I can see right away that the tripod would be a very good thing here:  notice the blur around the cat's ears.  Looks like I should also dial down the exposure a bit.  A more cooperative subject would also help a lot, too.

This is a stark reminder of how great digital photography can be.  "Getting it right" does not involve experimenting with expensive film or processing.  The only thing wasted there is time and electrons.

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