Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ode to an Old Tool

Someone didn't want this old Polaroid 95A camera, which was produced between 1954 and 1957.  I offered to give it a home.

It cleaned up nicely.  I photographed it in a white light box, but then decided to isolate it entirely -- no distractions.

The 95A is pretty iconic in appearance, but it's not in much demand.  Around 500,000 were made during its production run.  In really nice condition, it's said to be worth approximately $60.  That's probably if you have all of the original goodies.

Sadly, film is no longer made for this model.  Someone reports that they've been able to take PZ680 Spectra film and manually load single shots, but I'm not that desperate to resurrect old technology.

You can go retro on the cheap by getting the Instant app for the iPhone or iPad.  I may well give that a try.

Update (next day):  I did get the Instant app for my iPad.  Here's a 'roid of the 'roid:

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