Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another 'roid

Along with the old Polaroid 95A, I also received a newer SX-70 Alpha 1 model that dates from the late-seventies.  Price-wise, it was out of reach for me.  At that time -- more like the late sixties -- I was using the less expensive Swinger model.

There are some interesting things about this camera, though.  It was an SLR, using a complicated series of mirrors to go to the main lens from the viewfinder at the top.  It doesn't have any internal batteries -- power comes from a battery in the film pack.  And it has one of my favorite focusing features:  a split-image rangefinder prism.

But wait!  There's more!  You can still get still get film for it, thanks to the Impossible Project.  I had to bite the bullet at least once.  I ordered a pack of PRD2442 PX 70 Color Protection Film through Amazon.  In this day and age, it will be ironic that I'll have to first scan any pictures I take before you can see them on the computer.

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