Friday, August 3, 2012

Perspective be Damned

I've fiddled with this June 8th picture of Woodburn hall perhaps too much (June 10 and June 14), but I wanted to return to it one more time.  Just this last time, I promise.  Yeah, right.

This time, I wanted to do a few things differently.

One is the aspect ratio. Previous shots were all cropped to some "standard" proportion.  This one is as I had framed it within my viewfinder.  Proportions be damned.

Another thing is that I pushed my meager PhotoShop skills to remove the handicap railing that I had previously cropped out or had left in to clutter the bottom of the picture.  It required a bit of reconstructive surgery, but my hope is that the scars and blemishes are not where someone is apt to look.

Finally, I've opted to render this image in black & white, albeit with some sepia tones.  Once again, I used the Silver Efex Pro plugin for PhotoShop to tweak the settings.  The red brick on blue sky has been replaced by a study in tones and shades, FWIW. 

I think I'll submit this one to the amateur photo contest for the county fair.

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