Monday, June 4, 2012


On Saturday, June 2, I biked from Star City to Point Marion in Pennsylvania. It was a beautiful morning, unseasonably cool in the mid-sixties, with blue skies and a moderate breeze. The breeze made it difficult to do macro photography.

Meet Achillea millefolium, one of the few keepers.  It's known by many common names, such as Milfoil (from its Latin name, meaning thousand leaf) and Yarrow.

According to the Wikipedia description, there are both native and introduced genotypes of this plant in North America.  This plant did not have any papers with it, so your guess is as good as mine as to its heritage.

Things I Didn't Know

In the Middle Ages, yarrow was part of a herbal mixture known as gruit used in the flavoring of beer prior to the use of hops. The flowers and leaves are used in making some liquors and bitters

This herb is also identified as one of the plants in a Neanderthal burial site in northern Iraq.

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