Thursday, July 31, 2014

Shopping the Allium

Although I was happy with the focus stacking results on the Allium picture  that I posted yesterday, there were things that didn't look right on second glance.  The stack was from a series of 25 shots, and a slight breeze had caused some problems with the automatic alignment. Some of the stems were wonky, the background blooms were too fuzzy, and there were some "ghost" flowers on broken stalks.

Last night, I went back and fixed most of those problems.  Going back to the original stack layers, I located one layer that had the best sharpness for the back row blooms, and I layered it over the top.  Same for a couple of stems and sections of flowers.

The results speak for themselves:

I hate to put up a picture and then have to change it because I got the Photoshop editing bug.  Sometimes you just have to do it.

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