Thursday, April 18, 2013

Paradigm tilt

Tilt-shift from Wikipedia
Tilt–shift photography is the use of camera movements on small- and medium-format cameras, and sometimes specifically refers to the use of tilt for selective focus, often for simulating a miniature scene. Sometimes the term is used when the shallow depth of field is simulated with digital post-processing; the name may derive from the tilt–shift lens normally required when the effect is produced optically.
Do date, I've only been able to produce faux tilt-shift, using PhotoShop or an iPhone app like Snapseed.  An outfit called Lensbabymakes them in prices ranging from $80 to several hundreds of dollars, but I've been entertaining notions to make my own someday.

But someday doesn't always come, or at least not soon enough.  Rather than trying to simulate a miniature scene, I went directly to a real miniature scene.  Witness a co-workers model N gauge railroad yard:

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