Monday, February 22, 2010

THE filter set for cameras

I've recently plunged into the world of digital SLR cameras, albeit on the cheap end. As a sign that I haven't been keeping up with photography trends and technology, I've only recently become aware of Cokin filters.

The concept behind Cokin filters is brilliant: instead of investing in screw -on filters for all of your different sized lenses, you can invest in a filter holder system that adapts itself to different lens sizes.

I discovered, too, that it's often possible to acquire nice Cokin sets on eBay. Although the Cokin filters on eBay are predominantly the larger professional "P" series, one can occasionally get the amateur "A" series on the cheap. I saw a couple of such set go for the starting bid when I jumped into the fray. I, too, got my set on just the first opening bid.

I got the adapter/holder for my 58mm lens size, plus a very nice assortment of filters:

  • Close-up +1
  • Close-up +2
  • Close-up +3
  • Polarizing
  • Gradual G2 (two of them for stacking)
  • Gradual Y1
  • Gradual T2
  • Gradual M1
  • Parallel B
  • Warm (81 B)
  • Star 8
  • Fog 2
  • Blue (80 A)
With just a few exceptions, most of these filters cannot merely be replaced by PhotoShop effects. All of the gradual filters, for instance, are very useful for toning down strong light, such as from a bright sky, so that a landscape can be better exposed. I think I'll have a lot of fun using the close-up lenses with macro photography. Those, alone, are worth the cost of the entire package.

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