Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Real Commander In Chief?

An essay that I had read, which compares the respective transition team efforts between Obama and McCain, got me to thinking about just how different those two people could be.

In synopsis, "Obama has organized an elaborate well-staffed network to prepare for his possible ascension to the White House, while Sen. John McCain has all but put off such work until after the election." Further,

The Arizona Senator has instructed his team to not spend time on the transition effort, according to the source, both out of a desire to have complete focus on winning the election as well as a superstitious belief that the campaign shouldn't put the cart before the horse.
I think it's a little bit ironic that McCain, the self-styled "military expert," is looking only at the battle but does not have any plans for long-term occupation. Perhaps this explains why McCain had graduated fifth from the bottom — 894th out of a class of 899 — from the naval academy.

Draw your own parallels.

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Martha said...

This article resolves some of the discrepancies evident in McCain's personal life (the values he professes versus those he lives by) as well as his professional life both in the military and in politics that I have witnessed as someone 58 years of age. Why are these facts not shown via the media, such as CNN, ABC, NBC? Now, I understand why he picked Governor Palin as a running mate- they are cut from the same cloth. Palin, like McCain, denies responsibility for previous stands and associations. For example, I looked up the budget for when she was Mayor in Alaska; she signed it. (It is now off that particular website.) As a MPA student, I analyzed the budget of a capital city in Appalachia-- so, I know that city budgets are not rocket science. Any mayor who signs a financial document, as financial steward of her town/city, and does not know what they sign and the impact of said line item on residents is incompetent. Particularly, since Palin, as mayor, who hired the police chief who changed the amount set aside in their town budget (the line item that reflected purchase of rape kits) when asked about this does the "dear in the headlight", well... I didn't... and, the media, is charged by the Republican spin machine of "gotch journalism". This is beyond absurd! It is spun of the same stuff as Senator McCain's PR- they both want to win, regardless. Although, they are now held in check by neo conservatives, their base.