Wednesday, September 19, 2007

An awareness of hunger, appetite and eating enjoyment

A press release yesterday on PennState Live says "Eating competence may lower risk of heart disease."
University Park, Pa. – People who are confident, comfortable and flexible with their eating habits may be at a significantly lower risk of cardiovascular disease than people who are not. Researchers at Penn State suggest that a curriculum that helps people understand their eating habits could prove to be an important medical nutrition therapy.

Coming from a family whose medical history is rife with heart problems, I am comforted by this news. I am a paragon of confident, comfortable eating. In addition, my eating habits are extremely flexible. I willingly will trade dishes or modify my eating times to accommodate my dining companions.

I think I shall embark upon my 100 Lunches in 100 Days program immediately.

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MountainLaurel said...

That sounds like a diet plan I can sink my teeth into!