Wednesday, July 25, 2007

And now here's something you'll really like...

According to Iran's state-sponsored Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA),
'In recent weeks, intelligence operatives have arrested 14 squirrels within Iran's borders.'

'The squirrels were carrying spy gear of foreign agencies, and were stopped before they could act, thanks to the alertness of our intelligence services.'
Interestingly, a search of the IRNA web page didn't have any hits on "squirrel." Perhaps I needed a better search term.

On this side of the globe, however, NBC News Producer Ali Arouzi obtained some Tehran man-on-the-street comments to the effect that perphaps these might have been cunning British squirrels, no doubt MI6.

However, at great risk to myself and my secret Iranian contact, I have obtained this exclusive image of one of the squirrels. Judging from the headgear, I think this is one of our boys from Frostbite Falls, Minnesota.

For additional background, NPR's All Things Considered on July 20th carried an analysis piece with interviews by an ex-CIA intelligence expert and a wildlife professor.

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