Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Was piddling around with some bird pictures from my vacation.  It's getting down to some of the more obscure, pedestrian, and challenging shots (all of the above).

Take this bird -- please!

It's bugging me that I cannot identify it.  Time to ask for help.  Best guess is that it's some kind of plover.

The picture has been worked over in Photoshop CS6.  Aside from the tiny touches of light and dark and miscellaneous sharpening, the real work is in the masking.

Once again, I'm re-learning how to create and apply mask effects.  In this case, I masked over the bird and the rock and then readjusted the ocean water, which started out more grayish and dull.

Got to say that the final product is pretty nice.   Now if I can just name that bird.

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