Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Google Drive Stalls

Today I would have like to have featured a couple of non-native flower species, but alas, I was a fool to trust in Google Drive.  It's free and it's Beta, and I got just what I paid for.  Like its Dropbox competitor, Google Drive is supposed to provide you with a few gigabytes of cloud storage for your files, which you can then access from another desktop or mobile device.

When I got up this morning, I saved a couple of Photoshop files into the Photoshop directory that I created on my Drive.  God only knows where they are, but they aren't in my Drive space.  On the chance that I was approaching my storage limit, I ruthlessly cleaned the files out of the account.  That didn't seem to help.

I'm reading a section on common errors in Google Drive, and it says that synching can get stuck, and that I should restart Drive.  Maybe that's the case, but there are no indicators that I can see.  While I'm writing this, I logged into my home PC via LogMeIn.  I just dragged the two "stuck" files from the Google Drive folder and put them into my Dropbox folder.    Let's see how long this takes... (8:35 a.m.)

8:42... Oh, look, one of them is here...

Post Script:  restarting the Google Drive process on my home machine seems to have fixed the problem for now, but neither have I tried my luck with any large files again.

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