Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How to Look Like You're Working?

Here's an interesting tidbit.

Moneyweb reprinted a July 31 Wall Street Journal article, Ten things your IT department won't tell you, by Vauhini Vara.

The ten "secrets" are thoroughly presented in a format that lists the problem, the solution, the risks involved and how to stay safe.

  1. How to send giant files
    Very cool! I had never heard of the online services, such as YouSendIt Inc., SendThisFile Inc., or DropSend.
  2. How to use software that your company won't let you download
    This is more an issue of work-arounds. At least for where I work, there's a good reason to block certain software, such as Google Desktop -- Security!
  3. How to visit the web sites your company blocks
  4. How to clear your tracks on your work laptop
  5. How to search for your work documents from home
    Great... their solution is to use Google Desktop. :-(
  6. How to store work files online
  7. How to keep your privacy when using email
    Some common sense here: use https (a secure session). Encryption is another solution they mention, but I'm surprised they don't mention freenigma, which I love.
  8. How to access your work email remotely when your company won't spring for a Blackberry
  9. How to access your personal email on your Blackberry
  10. How to look like you're working
    Hit Alt-Tab ?? That's their solution? Give me a break! That doesn't even work in my environment. Best advice here is "Get back to work!"

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